Cyber Explained: Bootcamp II

Argent ConsultingThe Cyber Explained series is a set of courses intended to introduce students to the basic principles and issues of Cyberspace today. The Cyber Explained: Bootcamp II is the second course in the set, intended to give students a solid foundation of knowledge about the Cyber world they live in.

The Bootcamp II course is a one day event that covers principles such as physical security, online privacy, social media, online anonymity and how it all affects you. We also cover the various principles of Cybercrime, Cyber Warfare and Cyber Espionage. This course is intended for people lacking technical knowledge, but who need to gain understanding of Internet technology, cyberspace, cyber security or related areas so that they can grasp the various concepts and issues without getting too technical.

Every class will start out with a brief moment to gauge the general level of knowledge of the class so that optimal knowledge transfer can be achieved. Emphasis on certain aspects such as Legal, Policy or Security Awareness can be given to make the course more relevant of students working in a particular field. The following topics are covered:

  • Understanding the principles of physical security;
  • Social Media explained: what it is, what it does and how it affects you;
  • Understanding the principles of online privacy;
  • Understanding online anonymity: what it is, why it matters and how you can get it;
  • Internet culture, language, memes and online social movements;
  • Cyber Lexicon: Learning the language used in various cyber branches (crime, warfare, espionage);
  • Principles of Cybercrime;
  • Principles of Cyber Warfare;
  • Principles of Cyber Espionage;

Course Logistics:
This course is given on location by Don Eijndhoven, a highly experienced and internationally operating Cyber Technologist and public speaker on the areas of Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare. The course can be given in both the Dutch and English language, at a location of your choice. Minimum number of students per class is 10 students, with a maximum of 25. Contact our Sales department for more information.

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