Cyber Explained Series

The Cyber Explained series is a set of courses intended to introduce students to the basic principles and issues of Cyberspace today. It starts off with two Bootcamp courses that are intended to give students a solid foundation of knowledge from which to build on. 

These courses are created specially for people lacking technical knowledge, but who need to gain understanding of Internet technology, cyberspace, cyber security or related areas so that they can grasp the various concepts and issues without getting too technical.

Target Audience
These courses are made for anyone who is trying to make sense of the Cyber-enabled world they now live in. Of course there are always people who benefit a little more from such courses. Here are some examples of those people:

  • A policymaker working for a government or city council involved with writing new information security policies;
  • A manager trying to understand why Cyber Security is so important for his company;
  • A legal expert involved with drafting new Cyber laws;
  • A lawyer tasked with defending a cyber criminal;
  • A judge tasked with ruling on cybercrime cases;

Currently Available Courses

  Course Name More Information
Argent Consulting Cyber Explained: Bootcamp Click Here
Argent Consulting Cyber Explained: Bootcamp II Click Here

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