Strategy Development & Implementation

Today’s IT and Security managers are faced with a multitude of overwhelming problems where it concerns the cyber security posture of their organization. There are so many different concerns to address, and all seem equally important. To do business, supporting applications and services are critical; without it, there might not be a business to run. You want to stay safe while keeping your focus on your core business, rather than become the next victim of a cyber attack reported on in the news. But where to begin? There are so many different areas to focus your attention on, and so many products claiming to fix all of your security concerns!

We at Argent Consulting get it. We work at the front lines of cyber security every day, supporting organizations with their cyber security activities on all levels. From hard experience and rigorous academic education we can help you create a cyber security strategy that suits your organization. A strategy that is dynamic, clear, effective and as lightweight as it needs to be.

Studies show that chief information security officers have trouble receiving the budget they need to address current issues due to a lack of clearly defined and agreed-upon strategies. We guarantee that any strategy devised by us will enable you to clearly demonstrate your vision and explain it to stakeholders.

We are experienced in tuning existing well-known cyber security strategies such as the NIST Cyber Security Framework and the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls. For the best result in dynamic environments facing advanced threats, we prefer our own methodology: the Cyber Kill Chain Controlls Mapping.

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