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Don Eijndhoven

Don Eijndhoven is the CEO of Argent Consulting, a Cyber Security firm based in The Netherlands. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics with a major in System&Network Engineering (SNE) and a minor in Information Security. Currently he is working on obtaining an MBA in Business & IT at Nyenrode Business University. He is a CISSP certificate holder in good standing as well as a Certified Ethical Hacker and he holds several Microsoft certifications such as MCITPro Enterprise Administrator and MCSE 2003: Security.

Don is an outspoken follower of all things Cyber Security, most notably Cyber Warfare and especially those topics related to The Netherlands. His blogs are syndicated by technical sites such as InfoSecIsland, the IT GRC Forum and the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF). In his daily life he functions as a Cyber Security Advisor, Technical Lead or Infrastructure/Security architect. He’s worked on large IT projects for well-known firms such as IBM (Technology industry), Yacht (Interim Management), GGZ InGeest (Dutch Healthcare Industry), Royal Vopak (Petrochemical Industry), Tele2 Netherlands (Telecommunications) and ING (Banking).

Furthermore Don is actively committed to making cyberspace a safer place for everyone. As such he is a long-time member of the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) – a non-profit volunteer organization that brings together experts from all walks of life to exchange knowledge and undertake projects to stimulate global Cyber Security awareness and discourse. In this capacity Don is a CSFI staff member, regularly volunteers his time as a Project Manager for their volunteer projects and he has recently accepted a position as Executive Officer for CSFI’s Educational Programme in the EU. He is also the founder of a new group on LinkedIn called the Dutch Cyber Warfare Community, that regularly holds networking meetings and provides a communications platform for all people wishing to network in the Cyber Warfare sector.

Finally Don is a public speaker, speaking regularly on Cyber Warfare topics. Engagements he’s had include events such as NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence conference on Cyber Conflicts in Tallinn (Estonia) and conference days at Microsoft and ING. He also moderates during networking meetings of the Dutch Cyber Warfare Community. His speaking engagements will be listed on the main page. If you have an event you wish him to speak at, please call us.

Previous Speaking Engagements
The following is a quick grab from some of the conferences Don has spoken:

  • NATO CCDCOE’s Cyber Defence conference in Tallinn, Estonia (June 2011);
  • ING & Microsoft Conference Day in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (December 2011);
  • 1st Dutch Cyber Warfare Community Roundtable in Amersfoort, The Netherlands (December 2011);
  • Business Security Expert Panel Member in Veenendaal, the Netherlands (January 2012);
  • 2nd Dutch Cyber Warfare Community Roundtable in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands (April 2012);
  • IQPC Cyber Security Conference 2012 in Brussels, Belgium (May, 2012);
  • NATO CCDCOE’s CyCon (Cyber Conflict) Conference in Tallinn, Estonia (June 2012);


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