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Don Eijndhoven

Chief Executive Officer

Don Eijndhoven holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University on Cyber Resilience. He is also the founder of the Dutch Cyber Warfare Community, a professional networking organization with over 1400 members that aims to connect people working in the Cyber Warfare industry in the Netherlands. His articles on the state of Cyber Security are internationally syndicated on tech sites such as Norse Corporations’ DarkMatters and InfoSecIsland, as well as on paper for magazines such as PenTest Magazine and the premier Dutch register for information security professionals (PViB).

Don is a well-known and experienced public speaker, speaking regularly on a variety of topics within the Cyber Security domain, such as online privacy, cyber strategy, cybercrime, digital warfare and cyber geopolitics. Engagements he’s had include events such as NATO’s CCDCOE CyCon conference on digital conflicts in Tallinn (Estonia), conference days at corporations such as Microsoft and ING Bank, and large commercial conferences such as Hacker Halted (US) or HeliView’s Cyber Security Congres (NL). His speaking engagements are listed on the main page. If you have an event you wish him to speak at, please call Speakers Academy.



Ton van Gessel

Ton van Gessel


Ton is an experienced international oriented senior IT risk and security professional specialized in security architectures and governmental programs, who based on knowledge, experience, collegiality, loyalty and determination fulfil the assignments. Quality is important to him and therefore he strives always to the maximum possible. His flexibility and “out of the box” thinking give him the right incentives to get good results, quickly and effectively. These qualities are in his view essential given the times we live in are subject to rapid change.



Anton LankhuizenAnton Lankhuizen

Cyber Security Architect

Anton started his career as a technical specialist at a Dutch service provider. While at this company he gained his network knowledge on both logical and technical level. Currently he acts in broader infrastructure areas, having gained knowledge and experience with all aspects of IT infrastructure (network, storage, server platforms, security and governance models). By combining his technical knowledge and knowledge of the business and their demands, he is able to support the business with the right IT infrastructure solutions. Within projects he acts as an interlocutor for internal customers, commercial customers and suppliers. Anton has a great deal of experience in enterprises with global presence.



Ed van Dun

Security Program Manager

Ed has over 20 years of experience in IT project management. Projects in all Industries and Services with two exceptions, finance and insurance. Covered almost all it-areas. Application development, infrastructure, BI, Customer services, managed operations, ERP. For three years Ed also acted as group manager of a group of 25 product data management specialists and software configuration managers, Technical Automation area. He has also performed projects in an international setting (UK, Germany, Belgium and France, Middle-East and Asia). Parties acted as suppliers or as customer. Furthermore he has performed projects with supplier and customer from different countries in the same project.

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