About the Firm

Argent Consulting is a privately held firm based in the Netherlands that offers consulting services in the areas of Cyber Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare in the full spectrum of these fields: Operational, Management, Policy and Legal. We also offer Education, Training and Certification services in these fields. Our clients find themselves assisted by some of the worlds’ finest experts in their respective fields; people who have been working in the front lines for years such as former military officers, intelligence officers and senior law professionals. We serve government agencies and all elements of the military, but also commercial corporations and the public sector. Through various strategic alliances we combine a wealth of academic knowledge and professional experience with the very latest software, technology and methodology available to deliver the desired result.

Argent Consulting excels in these areas:


Cyber Security Consulting Services

Argent Consulting provides cyberspace support and programs for members of the Government and their staff. This includes cyber security support, education, and leadership from the world’s top experts in cyber security, cyber warfare, cyber defence and security policy, global challenges, and regional studies. We endeavour to provide opportunities for government leadership to interact with the cyberspace and cyber security policy community on issues affecting national-international security.

Argent Consulting works to generate cyberspace leadership that provides decision makers with the information they need to create better national-international cyberspace policy, and promotes informed, cyber-focused government institutions.

For our clients in the public-private sector, Argent Consulting provides security architecture, cyber security, information security engineering, and information assurance (IA) consultancy services to aid in the research, design, development, implementation, and delivery of information services and cyber security technologies, communications, products, and systems to ensure certification, evaluation, and accreditation requirements of relevant industry and national security authorities are met.


Cyber Intelligence and CounterIntelligence

Argent Consulting offers consulting services, assistance and directed operation (e.g. outsourcing of Intelligence collection) in support of the Defence and Intelligence community to prevent strategic surprise and deter conflict while continually preparing to support the full spectrum of intelligence contingency operations that may be necessary to protect national security interests.


Cyber Warfare

 Developing, defining, and fielding cyber technologies and cyber warfare force capabilities will require adequate and realistic testing and evaluation in a collaborative context. To do this, Argent Consulting, aligning with key partners, will work to identify, define, and provide new testing capabilities and institutionalize the evaluation of cyber system effectiveness as part of new capabilities-based processes.

We will address the changes necessary to ensure that testing and evaluation is conducted in an enhanced environment to provide fielding of essential cyber capabilities.


Education, Training and Certification

Argent Consulting offers a unique set of training- and certification programs that are always on the front line of Cyber. We offer you outstanding hands-on, instructor-led courses that are given at a location of your choosing, taught by the worlds´ foremost experts in their respective areas.


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